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Our Mission

To provide a safe space for women to authentically express and transform what has been holding them back from living an empowered life.
Our Vision

For all women to rise from within, stand tall together, and use their power of choice to positively impact their lives, and the world.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does breaking a plate empower women?

That's a great question! It's not just a plate, it's what you have written on the plate that makes this exercise powerful and effective. When you realize you can shatter and release anything that is holding you back, it's a huge leap forward. Smashing a plate is cathartic symbolism of smashing your issue to pieces with a loud expressive "No More!" and that is where the empowerment comes from. You have the power within you to create change in any area of your life, and we are here to support you through it. 

How do intentional, cathartic practices help you heal and transform?

Most people think there is something wrong with them because they have such a difficult time changing negative reactions and patterns, but the good news is there is nothing wrong, you just need to break the loop pattern in the nervous system. Talking about emotional pain and trauma is very therapeutic, but oftentimes it only makes the mind feel better for a bit, it doesn't change the nervous system pattern. Having loud, physical, cathartic experiences gives the pain and trauma an exit route and gives your body the actual experience of letting it go, which transforms the nervous system, and makes way for a new, empowered choice.

Why is it only women?

We love and honor the men, and know that they need healing, too, and that's why we include them in our college events, corporate events, and private parties. We mainly focus on women because they are ready to break free and create change in every area of their lives. The days of holding it all in and silently suffering are over! We now know that was making us sick mentally, emotionally, and physically. By having only women in the room the atmosphere lends to an open vulnerability, support, and heart-felt connections. Plus, women need a fun outlet where they can be loud and intentionally break some things!

What do you do with all of those broken plates?

We have artists turn some of the broken plate pieces into mosaic art to represent the ability you have to turn your pain into something beautiful.

How Women Breaking Plates Originated

358638542_10158970850361046_2958638855454716110_n (2).jpg

Aria Tru has been on a healing journey for the last 25 years after seeing the light of unconditional love and possibilities in her early 20's.

She vowed to share this light and love with others for the rest of her life and has succeeded in that mission so far. In 2018 Aria went through a year of experiencing seizures (from stress) that completely rocked her entire world, and she feared for her life. Every time she was about to have a seizure her mind started throwing plates at walls; it was involuntary visions of her body releasing the stress that the seizure was about to express. After many months of this, and a fun conversation with a friend, Aria decided that maybe there were a lot of women who would like to break some plates to release the tension in their minds, bodies, and lives. After she made the solid decision to create the event, two healers showed up and healed her of seizures, and 30 days later the first Women Breaking Plates transpired in Denver, Colorado with 100 women in attendance. The impact on the women was beyond what Aria even imagined and she knew she had to continue bringing this event and message to more women in the world. 

Aria used her background in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to create an event that creates change in the nervous system. She knows that habits, patterns, and traumas, are stored in the nervous system, and that is why talk therapy is not always enough to create the deep change that people are desiring. This event is a FULL BODY EXPERIENCE of knowing the true beauty and power of the feminine, the ability to let go, and the availability to make a new, more positive choice in  area of your life. 

Here is a video of our Los Angeles event in January of 2019
where Aria was happily assisted by Danielle Kort and She Media TV

WBP Empowerment Party

WBP Empowerment Party

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