We are grateful to our product sponsors for our upcoming March 7th event!

DR. Leedia Riman

Dr. Leedia Riman is a dentist, mother, and thought leader in the dental industry.



Amazing intimacy products made from organic oils or coconut water, Coconu lets you follow your bliss wherever it takes you.


Chaumont Bakery

Catering and Delivery! They pride themselves in the use of products that are free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which simply and plainly just taste better.


Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles cupcakes are the best and we are blessed to have them uplifting the women by donating their specialty to the event! 


Eternal by Val

Fantastic CBD products that help heal and relax your body inside and out.



Gourmet popcorn that is hard to quit eating! It's so good! Check them out.



Anne Delinger.jpg

Anne H.

"This is something that women have been needing to empower themselves in this crazy, sometimes upside-down world. Thank you for creating this potent event."


Kuiana R.

"I was looking for like minded women and now I have found them."


Sara M.

"I want you to do this event again so that I can bring all my friends."

kim miller.jpg

Kim M.

“I attended Women Breaking Plates in Denver and the whole night just BLEW MY MIND! I loved every minute of it! The power and freedom that I felt when I got to smash the plates into oblivion was absolutely FANTASTIC!



"The Women Breaking Plates event had such a profound impact on me and many others. I think the women who attended felt seen and cherished. Plus they felt a real sense of empowerment after breaking the plates. I personally now have unforgettable memories of camaraderie and connection."


Shannon C.

"This event brought so many incredible women together in a safe place to share their talents and stories. Women everywhere need more gatherings like this to empower each other."

kimberly st. J.jpg

Kimberly St. John

“Women Breaking Plates is a really fun way to connect with amazing women who are 100% supportive of each other. You’re encouraged to release, renew, and to just be you!”


Mira C.

"Seriously cool event; I've never seen anything like it."


Nicole L.

"Women Breaking Plates is super empowering! I loved coming together with other women to release what does not serve us!"


Lyndsey H.

"As soon as I heard about it I knew I wanted to be a part of it."



"At first, I didn't know what to expect from the event, but once I was there it blew me away how well thought out and effective it was."


Lisa E.

"I drove down a mountain in a snow storm so that I could be at this event. It was totally worth it!"

heaven lee.jpg

Heaven Lee

"We need more events like this in the world. It's time for women to know their power and worth."


Robyn D.

"I was impressed by all that this event had to offer. I will bring more friends next time."


Arianna H.

"Whoa! That was so cathartic. I needed that."


Cobi C.

"I brought my 80 year old Mother to this event and she loved it as much as I did."


Timberli G.

"Please keep this mission up; the women of the world need this."


Anna P.

"This event inspires women to re- activate their voice and power and claim themselves more fully to be free from societal and self imposed bondage, and be and embody who they truly are"