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Danielle Kort

Danielle Kort is a certified Women’s Leadership Coach and Speaker. She left her corporate job at Calvin Klein in 2014 and graduated from Life and Leadership Training Program, Accomplishment Coaching in New York City to begin a full-time life coaching practice. Motivated by her experience following her dreams and working in the fashion industry for six years, she designed her business to guide and mentor emerging entrepreneurial women to live a life aligned with their purpose. Danielle led her first transformational destination retreat in Bali, Indonesia in 2017 and later that year she spoke at the Positive and Mindful Leader Summit in London, England on how to develop focused, high-performance leaders using the power of manifestation. In 2018 Danielle met Aria Tru and together they brought Women Breaking Plates Empowerment Party to Los Angeles, with a turnout of 90 plus attendees and media coverage from LA Weekly and the LA Times. Today, Women Breaking Plates consists of a podcast, online classes, personal coaching sessions, and a growing community of women who are ready for change.

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