Women Breaking Plates

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Ladies, it's time to break free from anything that is holding you back!
Women Breaking Plates is a women's movement that throws Empowerment Parties to celebrate the strength, magic, and wisdom of the feminine. We have fun stepping into our power and releasing doubt, self-criticism and false limitations. We take our power back. 

At this high vibe party you will navigate through interactive and cathartic empowerment stations. The Plate Breaking Station is where you write what you want to release (habits, patterns, emotions) onto plates, throw them at walls and watch them shatter! It's time to let go and make a new choice.

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The Women's Breaking Plates one-night event has interactive and cathartic stations that women freely flow through, that are all geared towards healing and transformation. 

The Break Free Station 

Women write what they want to let go of (break free from) onto the plates and then throw the plates at walls and watch it shatter.

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The Get It Out Station

Women write their negative inner-self talk (or something mean someone said to them) onto a punching bag and knock it out of existence.

The Open to Receive Station

Several healing practitioners and Tarot readers 

give 15 minute sessions to attendees. 


The entire event is based on having the cathartic experience of release, and the expansive experience of healing and transformation.

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We are here to let women know that no matter what they are going through, they are not alone, and they can overcome it.

Our success in both Denver, Los Angeles and Boulder is propelling us forward to spread our message, with both men and women cheering us on every step up the way.

We know that the world needs more events like this, and our mission is to bring it to as many women as we can. 

We know that empowering women to love themselves and heal will only bring more harmony to their children, their relationships, and each of our lives.

Raise the Women, and you will raise the WORLD.

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