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Aria Tru

Aria Headshot.jpg

Aria Tru spent 18 years as a practitioner of healing bodywork. She created her own combination of massage therapy, energy work, prayer and guided visualization to create harmony and healing in her clients body and mind. Aria spent years using these techniques with professional athletes, working with the NBA, NFL, and U.S. Men's Soccer Team. S​he also co-owned a successful holistic bodywork center in Denver, Co called Symmetry.

Aria noticed that most people's discomfort stemmed from their mind and emotions. She has spent the last 10 years as a Professional NLP Life Coach for men and women who are ready to transform their lives from the inside out. She guides clients in releasing judgments, traumas, old stories and  programming that keep them circulating in negative patterns. This work has continued to be the most important and passionate work of Aria's life, and is the biggest influence in the Women Breaking Plates events.


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